If you are interested in getting involved with Guilford Patriots, the best way to do so is to come to one of our monthly meetings. Please check the events page for dates and times. If you have additional questions about who we are and what we do, please feel free to contact us!

During election years, we are always seeking volunteers to help with campaigns as poll greeters, door knockers and phone calling as well as getting candidates to run for office who vow to uphold biblical principles and the Constitution. This is paramount to our organization!

On the off years, we are working to raise up people to run who will commit to those standards. We also work to educate people on the current issues of the day and how to live in according to the Scriptures and the Constitution. We cannot live in a society that the antichrist will create and as we see the day approaching, all the things happening appear to be setting us up for that. We must learn to live apart from that, which requires us to connect personally with one another and create an alternative society where we can worship and live to the glory of God!

So how can you get involved? Come to our meetings and learn as much as you can and meet and make connections with other like-minded folks!